We think studio pricing should be as straightforward and easy as possible – up front with no hidden charges. Our studio rentals are priced by the hour to match what the job requires.  Whether you need just a few hours for a portrait session or an interview, or a multi day production, you only pay for the time you need.


Main Studio Rental –  $50 per hour

Pricing includes all power and A/C, internet, scissor lift, and ambient lighting (total of 72 four-foot kino globes).

Production Space Rental – 
$10 per room / hour with studio rental, $25 per room/hour without studio

Includes choice of our conference room/wardrobe/small shooting area, flex suite (green room, client room, playback area, small shooting space), makeup room, and executive / production office.  Get all four rooms for $30/hour with studio rental.

Still Photograhy package – 

Add Profoto 7A studio strobes for $5/head/hour, up to a limit of four.  Includes one 2400ws pack per head, pocket wizards, stands, and unlimited use of available modifiers such as umbrellas and softboxes.  

Behind the Scenes (BTS) package –  

Have one of our pros gather BTS footage for you… great for social media!  For a flat $250 we’ll record a timelapse of your build and teardown and dedicate two hours to shoot behind the scenes.  Editing, interviews, and additional footage available – just ask.  Click the link above for additional info.

We also offer a few packages that we believe are unique to the industry, combining our studio with our massive multi-million dollar rental equipment inventory – the unlimited packages. The intent with these packages was to make life easy for everyone – easier to bid, easier to budget, easy for the crew to get what they want.  All the gear you want or need, for a simple fixed price. If we have it in house the day you shoot, you can use it!  If you have a specific or unique need, call ahead to reserve it as well at a highly discounted rate… it’s that easy!

Unlimited grip and lighting equipment access –

You can never have too much light!  Includes all needed lighting, grip, distro, rags, Fisher 10 dollies… whatever you need in terms of G&E.   No need to scout or provide a list in advance, just pull what you need as you need it. Get unlimited grip and lighting equipment – full access to whatever we have in house – for a flat $200/hour plus studio time while in studio.

Unlimited camera access –

Shoot whatever cameras and glass we have available that day. Includes options of Alexa, Amira, Red Dragon, and others.  Unlimited lenses, monitors, media, filters and camera toys. Multiple cameras OK as well if we have them available that day! Let your AC run wild. $250 per hour plus your studio time for unlimited access to our cameras and accessories in house while in studio, includes a free prep day for camera equipment.   

For unlimited camera access, with a minimum half-day commitment we will hold your choice of cinema camera, typical accessories, and either a prime set or zoom for your shoot.  Just let us know when you reserve. 

Unlimited studio and equipment access – 

Get the run of the studio – Unlimited access to all our gear.   If the gear is in the shop, you can use it. Millions of dollars of gear and facilities at your fingertips, for a flat  $450 per hour.  Includes studio time and use of production rooms as available.  Great for bids, as you know your worst case numbers for studio and gear. Or just make everyone’s life easier and pull what you need.  Everything we have available that day for a single fixed price.

Night and weekend usage – 

There will be an additional $50/hr charge for studio usage outside our normal business hours to cover additional electrical and overtime costs for our employee in attendance.

The fine print – Fresh paint costs are extra – rental rates assume existing paint at the time of rental, which can vary in appearance.  All unlimited packages must be specified PRIOR to the shoot. If you have a specific or unique need that you want reserved, call ahead to reserve it as well at 50% the normal rate when combined with a matching unlimited gear package. The rate clock for all studio time and gear packages starts at the earlier of when crew arrives or specified crew call time, and ends when all equipment is properly stored, studio areas are broom clean, and the last crew member leaves. Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.  Electrical charges my apply for lighting brought in to the studio.


Reel Men Studios is a part of Reel Men Rentals, the largest gear rental house in Arizona with millions of dollars in inventory. So chances are, if you need it, we have it. We are a full service shop, with gear, lighting, camera, expendables, production, and more.

Feel free to browse our sister site at which has about 90% of our inventory online.  If you don’t see it listed, we still may have it… just ask!

Our 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, and 10 ton packages mirror the Reel Men Rentals truck packages to make it easy to plan for both studio and location jobs. In fact, you can work out of the same truck for the studio and location work and get a three day week for the equipment package for the overall project!

1 ton grip and lighting package – $400 

3 ton grip and lighting package – $450 

5 ton grip package – $425 

10 to grip package – $700 

In addition, we frequently have “pre-hung” lighting on the grid for the more common lighting needs.  Just pay for what you need, and save the hassle of having to rig it!